OURPAGE 2    OCTOBER  2010
                                                   Labour Day get together at Jennifer & Rylan Pranger's house in Guelph 2010
                 Left to right: Marge - Ginny Medon - Linda & Jim Hillis - Jaky & Mark Hutchinson - Jennifer  - Lorie Henry - Rylan
             These  pictures were taken this summer on our trip to see family and friends in the following locations.                                                    Guelph, Toronto, Belleville, Campbellford  and Shelburne Ontario.
                Parking at Bud's
                       Bud's son William
             George (Bud) Sargeant   Marge  & James
          Parking at Guelph Lakes
          Parking at Don Lovelady
Joan Lovelady passed away April 1, 2010
Don Lovelady and Daughter Carol in Belleville ON  September 2010   
           Parking at Jim & Linda Hillis
                     Shellburne ON
          Linda's mother Ginny Medon
               Lorie Henry & Linda
       (I need a new picture of them)
One of their dogs loves to chase a ball
             Their old farm house
                                  Taken at the Mandarin Restaurant in Brampton On September 14, 2010
                             Madeline Hutchinson - Rob & Jodi Lewis -  Marge & James and brother Jack.
                                                            Rob is son-in-law to Jack & Madeline
Taken at Lorie's on October 31, 2010