Jack & Madeline Hutchinson

Jack Hutchinson married Madeline Marcella on Septemeber 21st 1957 in Toronto. They have 1 Son and 2 Daughters and have 8 Grandchildren.

John Thomas married Annie McGee  on June 27, 1980 in Toronto. They have 4 children. Ben: born 01/10/81 Joel: 03/01/83  Kitty: 18/12/86 Zackary: 26/11/91

Deborah-Lynn  (Hutchinson) married Timen Jansen on September 18, 1981 in Toronto. Have one son  Joshua Jansen: born 22/01/94
Jodi Anne (Hutchinson) married Rob Lewis October 2, 1993 in
Toronto. They have  1 Daughter Brittni:  born 04/05/95  2 Son: Knight born  29/03/97. Caden: born: 5/10/93
Jack & Madeline at the Grand Canyon 2006
                                                         Jack & Madeline's #1 Son John & Anne
                                          From left   Ben    Zack     John      Annie       Kitty      Joel
            Knight   Brittni   Caden
                          Jack & Madeline's youngest Daughter Jodi & Rob Lewis
                                                Brittni     Caden    Knight
             Jodi   Jack & Madeline's  Daughter & Grandson Caden
                                    Pearl & Bob Jonah
      Joshua & Deborah-Lynn Jansen
                                Very handsome group
                 October 2, 1993 at Jodi's & Rob Lewis wedding
   Pictures taken on August 17, 2008 at Jodie & Rob Lewis new house in Brampton, ON
   Caden  Grandma Madiline
Knight  Brittni  Dad, Rob Mom, Jodie & Caden
  Brittni   the tree climber
Jodie  Madeline  Aunt Lorie   Ben
James & Brother Jack
John Hutchinson with Sons L. Ben & Joel
Pictures taken at Aunt Lorie's (Henry) back yard in Cambridge on August 21, 2008
Ben    John     Ben       Marge     
    James & Marge Hutchinson   Gary & Cathy Lane (cousin)  Jack & Madeline Hutchinson
        James & Lorie, our Daughter
        Taken at Mandrin Restaurant in Brampton ON on September 14, 2010
    Madeline Hutchinson - Rob & Jodie Lewis - Marge & James and Brother Jack
                                Rob is son-in-law to Jack & Madeline