Rylan & Jennifer's Shower/Wedding Pictures
Lorie Henry,    Mother of the bride - Jennifer
FRONT ROW:    Linda, Jaky, Marge, Ginny, Kim, Ashleigh
MIDDLE ROW   Brenda, Lorie, Katie, Ally, Sam, Joan, Fran, Jaime, Jessie, Jen, Kathy, Kayla
BACK ROW:      Stephanie, Jennifer, Laura, Kimmy, Marianne, Kylene, Vanessa
           Rylan P. and Jennifer K. were married on June 27, 2009  at Victoria West Golf Club:   Guelph Ontario
Wedding cermony performed by Jennifer's father Joseph Krall
  Proud  Grandfather: James Hutchinson  walking Jennifer to the alter
Lorie Henry Mother of the Bride:  James & Marge Hutchinson: Fran Shorten: Anne Krall:  Edie Wilson
     Rylan                           Jay                   Steve            Evan                 Jeremy
      Laura                 Ashleigh            Jennifer                 Kayla         Vanessa
Evan          Jermey             Steve                        Jay                               Rylan
            Evan            Kayla                Jennifer       Rylan             Kathy & Nick P.
          Kathy P. and Mr. Ry P. Jr.
         Norm & Barb  LeClaire
Jennifer's Grandparents,  Marge & James Hutchinson  
      Jennifer                   Barb
           Rylan: Kathy P. & Evan P.
         Jermey       Vanessa          Mike      Marge
           Jay    Fran           
       Steve     Kayla
      Evan    Ashleigh
Sitting:       James    Marge   Edie Wilson 2 sisters and brother  George Sargeant      Ginny Medon
Standing     Jim & Linda Hillis (Ginny's daughter)   Lorie Henry  Jennifer P.  (Mother & Daughter)        
       Barb           Joan       Fran
Mark & Jaky Hutchinson        Mike Hutchinson    Natalie Mullins                  Chris Hutchinson
                                            Terry Hutchinson               Jack & Madeline Hutchinson
Kathy & Nick P. Mark & Jaky Hutchinson: Marge & James Hutchinson: Lorie Henry: Fran Shorten
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